Dr. Hansen is Pocatello's spine surgery specialist. Dr. Hansen is Pocatello's only Mobi-C cervical disc replacement physician.

Mobi-C The ONLY Cervical Disc FDA Approved for Both One & Two-level Indications

Chris Johnson, DO
Stephen Hansen, M.D.
Luke Neslon, PA-C

What Is Mobi-C?

It’s the only FDA approved cervical disc replacement for one and two level indications

Am I A Good Candidate for Mobi-C?

  • Is for adults; the vertebrae must be mature (age range, 21-67 years)
  • Takes the place of one or two adjacent damaged cervical disc(s) from levels C3-C7
  • Is for patients with arm pain and/or neurological symptoms such as weakness or numbness with or without neck pain
  • Disc damage needs to be proven by your doctor’s review of your CT, MRI, or X-ray images. Images of the neck should show at least one of the following:
    • Inner disc squeezing through the outer disc (herniated nucleus pulposus)
    • Degeneration of the spine from wear and tear (spondylosis). There may be bony growth (osteophytes) on a vertebra
    • Loss of disc height at the affected level(s) compared to the levels above and below
  • Is for people who have not responded to non-surgical care

To assess if you are a good candidate for Mobi-C please call our office and make an appointment today: (208) 478-4522

What happens in the days after Mobi-C surgery?

Ask your doctor to describe how you will feel and what you will need to do after surgery. Anterior cervical spine surgery is a major surgery. Getting better will take time. How fast you get better depends on your age, your general health, and the reason for the surgery. Your doctor may recommend exercise with the help of a physical therapist. As with any surgery, it is extremely important to follow your doctor’s direction after surgery. Here are some examples of directions to follow after surgery. Your doctor’s directions may be different.

  • Stay one night in the hospital.
  • Sit, stand, and walk the night after surgery.
  • Wear a neck collar to lessen neck movement for around a week after the surgery.
  • Take medicine (by mouth) for pain or sickness of the stomach (nausea) as needed.
  • Put a new, clean bandage on the cut five days after surgery. The doctor or nurse may show you how to change the bandage.
  • Set up a time to visit your doctor to check your healing. Your doctor may take X-rays to look at the Mobi-C placement in your neck.
  • Get direction from your doctor on when it is OK to return to your normal neck bending and turning. Talk to your doctor about a physical therapy plan.

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